Hair Fibres

Hair fiber is a product meant for those suffering from hair loss. Their main function is to make sure they camouflage that bald pace you have in the hair. Actually, these hair fibers are meant for both men and woman as baldness is for both. They are manufactured from a protein known as keratin, which is the same that is contained in real hair. When applied, these hair fibers do stick to the natural hair on one’s head, making bald spots to be covered. It is because of their function that they are known as hair concealer or hair camouflage.
Hair Fibres

What is the working mechanism of hair fibers?

Hair fibers stick to the natural hair using static electricity. They are charged with static electricity that makes them adhere to the hair. The charge in them causes some magnetic effect which is responsible for making them stick to the hair.

 How to apply hair fibers:

Before applying the fibers, it is important to make sure that the hair is dry. On contrary, applying hair fibers to wet hair can cause them to be lumpy.

For the fibers to stick well, consider using a fiber hold spray. This will ensure that the fibers are firmly bound to the hair so that they may not be wiped off easily, nor even after running a comb on your head.

 Which color of the hair fiber is the best?

The total colors available are nine. The appropriate color is that one which matches the color of your hair. There is no problem in mixing two colors, as it will give out better results. Also, if you are applying more than one color, start with the dark one to act as a base, then followed by the lighter ones.

Make sure the fibers adhere properly:

Don’t worry if your hair is thin in nature. The fibers will stick on it through the magnetic effect caused by the static charges. This means that applying the fibers will make the thin hair look thicker than usual.

One advice is that do not spread the fibers evenly on the head, instead, concentrate them at the part that is bald.

 Ensure the right amount is applied:

Better results are attained when not too much of fibers is applied. Just a small amount is sufficient to deliver best results. Too much of it might make people discover that it is not natural. In short, a number of fibers you require is purely your preference, the color, and the condition of your hair. With patience, practice, and experience, you are able to determine the correct amount needed. To attain this, first begin with little amounts, and then go on increasing till finally, you find the correct amount. Apart from that, it is better to apply fibers in layers rather than doing it at one time. First, apply some fibers and use your fingers to try spreading it out. Alternatively, you can use a coarse brush lightly to spread it. Check if it is enough or some more layers are needed.

 After applying the layers, use hairline optimizer:

A good looking hairline is not easily attained, more so if you are not experienced. To easily overcome this type of challenge, consider using a hairline optimizer so that the hairline will look as natural as ever. Apart from that, it is a quick means of applying and fewer fibers are used.

 Be cautious with moisture and water:

As a matter of fact, water or moisture are not friends with any hair styling product. Water is capable of washing off the hair fibers. This means that you should be careful. If you may be required to do some tough exercises, make sure you use a fixative spray so that it may slow down the washing off process.



Hair extension Course and Salaries

If you are unemployed, life can be very difficult. You may have problems getting basic needs such as food and clothing. The situation is very bad that you need a job to keep you moving. In a world where there is a notion that resources are scarce, taking a hair extension course can be a wise idea. We are not taking this idea out of the blues. Many people have made it in the field before and so can you.
Hair Extension Course

Why go for a hair extension course?

Many reasons are available as to why you may need this course as a matter of urgency. Here are some of them: 

It is a good source of income:

Once you have the knowledge and the expertise to conduct these services, chances are minimal that you will lack a job. Many women are aspiring to look beautiful. Taking an example of meeting your first client, if you do a good job, chances are very high that the next time she will need the services she will call you. It is only with professional coaching that you will be able to provide good services. Attending hair extension courses might just be a way for you to do away with poverty. 

They are currently the new trend:

In the current world, hair extensions are the new trend amongst women all over the world. With their hair, women want to look good and that is what these extensions provide. They make the women’s appear to have more slick hair and in the end, they look stunningly good. In that case, attending a hair extension institution is a wise idea. You know that you will not go wrong with this. 

You gain confidence from attending to this course:

After attending and graduating from a hair extension school, you will not be the same as when you went in. your confidence rises and you can take up any job to do with hair and hair extension. This is in contrary to when you have spent your entire time at home learning a few tricks from the unprofessional in the society. You will not have the courage to take up the jobs that many may consider “technical”

What is the job’s salary?

It is always about money in the end, isn’t it? Learning some hair extension techniques can be well paying. Assuming that you are working from your home as a mobile salon, surveys show that you can earn up to £1200 per week. This is a considerable amount of money bearing in mind that you could have been jobless in the first place.


Hair extension courses are very important especially for people who are badly looking to make ends meet. From these courses, you gain confidence to take any hair extension job, you earn from your sweat and you gain the knowledge on the different types of hair extension available. From the job; you can make a good living.